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Highballs were one of the first drinks created, originating as a railway term, by actually placing a ball on the end of a high stick as a signal to an oncoming train, the "highball" gave the workers time to go grab a quick one, knowing the track was clear. That drink was usually a Whiskey and Ginger.

Today there are literally thousands of these drinks. While the term itself is not as popular as it once was, today these drinks are usually referred to as mixed drinks, the recipe is the same. 1 oz of liquor in a 8 oz. glass with ice and fill with mix.

In most cases, the bartender will know the ingredients of the drink by name. Such as a Vodka and Tonic, or Rum and Coke. However there are drinks that are not so obvious such as the Madras or Seabreeze.

Highballs Every Bartender Should Know.

Tall Drinks Every Bartender Should Know


How To Make A Highball.

Use a Highball Glass.

Fill with ice.

Add 1 oz. of liquor.

Fill with mix.

Garnish and Serve.


Popular Highballs


Highballs Every Bartender Should Know
Highball Fuzzy Navel
Scotch and Soda 7 & 7
Gin and Tonic Cuba Libre (Rum and Coke)
Cape Codder Madras
Sea Breeze Bay Breeze
Scarlet O' Hara Greyhound ( Salty Dog)


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Knowing Call Brands is essential with these Cocktails


Tall Drinks

Tall Drinks have an added step and are usually served in a Collins Glass.

collins glass Collins Glass


How To Make A Tall Drink

Fill a Collins Glass with ice.

Add 1 oz. of liquor.

Fill with mix.

Float a 1/2 oz. of added ingredients.

Garnish and Serve


Tall Drinks Every Bartender Should Know
Hairy Navel Sloe Screw
Woo Woo Tequila Sunrise
Harvey Wallbanger Bloody Mary
Mint Julep Hurricane


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