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Shooters Every Bartender Shouls Know
Watermelon Shooter Kamikaze Shooter
Melon Ball Shooter Sex On The Beach Shooter
B - 52 Nuts and Berries
Orgasm Alabama Slammer Shooter
Red Headed Slut SoCo Lime
Washington Apple Royal Flush
Mind Eraser Lemon Drop
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How To Make Shooters.

Use a Shaker Tin.

Add a scoop of ice.

Add all ingredients.

Swirl contents.

Strain into an old fashioned glass.



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More Shooters


More Popular Shooters
Absolut Heaven After Five
Alien Secretion Banana Split
Bar Mat Beam Me Up Scotty
Blow Job Blue Kamikaze
Bong Hit Brass Monkey
Bubblegum Buttery Nipple
Cement Mixer Cherry Smash
Cranberry Smash Deep Throat
Duck Fart Four Horsemen
French Toast Fuzzy Navel Shooter
Gator Aid Girl Scout Cookie
Grape Crush Hairy Navel Shooter
Hawaiian Hooker Hawaiian Punch Shooter
Hollywood Italian Surfer
Jello Shot Jelly Bean
Kool Aid Mudslide
Multiple Orgasm Oatmeal Cookie
OO7 Orange Crush
Orioles Birdbath Peanut Butter and Jelly
Pina Colada Pineapple Bomber
Pink Panther Prairie Fire
Purple Armadillo Purple Hooter
Raspberry Kiss Raspberry Screamer
Red Death Red Hot
Roasted Toasted Almond Root Beer
Russian Quaalude Screaming Hairy Navel
Screaming Orgasm Silver Nipple
Slippery Nipple Slippery Tip
Snake Bite Sour Apple
Stiff Dick Starburst
Strawberry Fields Surfer Naked On Acid
Surfer On Acid Sweet Tart
Test Tube Baby Tequila Popper
Tidy Bowl Three Wisemen
Woo Woo Woof Pussy


Shooters are the fastest cocktail to make



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