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Sour Cocktails

The base mix in all Sour Drinks is, of course, the sour. Sour mix is a sweetened lemon juice.

Sour drinks can be broken down into two categories; Shorts and Talls.



Short sour cocktails are typically made in a mixing tin, shaken and strained into a chilled glass. The glass is typically a sour glass, cocktail glass or a margarita glass.   


Tall sour drinks have added soda water to cut   the tart taste. They are served in a larger glass, usually a Collins, and have a cherry and orange garnish.


collins glass Sour Glass



Preparing a Short Sour Drink

  • Add ice to a mixing glass.
  • Add 1 oz of liquor.
  • Add 2 oz. of Sour Mix.
  • Shake and strain into a chilled sour or cocktail glass.





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Short Sour Cocktails

Every Bartender should know the following cocktails:

Sour Cocktails Every Bartender Should Know
Whiskey Sour Daiquiri
Bacardi Cocktail Margarita


Commercial Sour Mix contains "Bar Foam."  Which gives a cocktail a frothy head.


Tall Drinks

Tall Drinks have added soda water and are usually served in a Collins Glass.

collins glass Collins Glass


How To Make A Tall Sour

Fill a Collins Glass with ice.

Add 1 oz. of liquor.

Add 2 oz. of Sour Mix.

Fill with Soda Water.

Garnish and Serve


These drinks are usually served with the garnish a cherry and orange slice, although they can also have more elaborate garnishes.

Tall Drinks Every Bartender Should Know
Tom Collins Sloe Gin Fizz
Singapore Sling (Long Island) Iced Tea
Blue Hawaiian Zombie
Mai Tai Pina Colada
Baltimore Zoo Bone Crusher
California Beach Party Long Beach Iced Tea
Electric Lemonade Miami Ice
Lynchburg Lemonade Mongolian Motherfucker
New Orleans Iced Tea  



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