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Absolut Mango Cocktails

absolut mango crush cocktail

Absolut Mango Crush

absolut mango crustation cocktail

Absolut Mango Crustation

absolut mango margarita

Absolut Mango Margarita

absolut mango mojito cocktail

Absolut Mango Mojito

absolut mango pineapple cocktail

Absolut Mango Pineapple

cinnamon sour cocktail

Cinnamon Sour

mango breeze cocktail

Mango Breeze

mango caliente cocktail

Mango Caliente

spicy mangotini cocktail

Spicy Mangotini





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Absolut Vodka Flavors

A vert attractive quality of the Absolut brand of flavored vodkas is Absolut is known the world over as being a quality vodka.  Add unique flavorings to a quality vodka and you have vodkas such as Absolut Citron or Absolut Mango. 

Absolut began pairing flavors with their vodkas with Absolut Citron and have then taken it to a whole new level, introducing new flavors such as Wild Tea.

Absolut is always a good choice when it comes to picking a vodka.


Using a flavored vodka is an excellant way to cut calories!


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