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Vodka Cocktails

absolut chocolate martini cocktail

Absolut Chocolate Martini

absolut greyhound cocktail

Absolut Greyhound

black russian cocktail

Black Russian

bling out cocktail

Bling Out

bloody mary cocktail

Bloody Mary

blue hawaiin cocktail

Blue Hawaiin

blue monday cocktail

Blue Monday

blue souvenir cocktail

Blue Souvenir

blushin russian cocktail

Blushin Russian

burnt toasted almond cocktail

Burnt Toasted Almond

cape cod cocktail

Cape Codder

godmother cocktail


kamekazi cocktail


koolaid cocktail

Kool Aid

lemon drop

Lemon Drop

long island ice tea cocktail

Long Island Ice Tea

mimosa cocktail


mudslide cocktail


orange breeze cocktail

Orange Breeze

rickey cocktail


russian espresso cocktail

Russian Espresso

russian ruble cocktail

Russian Ruble

seabreeze cocktail


sex on the beach cocktail

Sex On The Beach

tainted cherry cocktail

Tainted Cherry

vodka bramble cocktail

Vodka Bramble

vodka collins cocktail

Vodka Collins

vodka mojito cocktail

Vodka Mojito

vodkatini cocktail


vodka tonic cocktail

Vodka Tonic

white russian cocktail

White Russian

agent orange cocktail

Agent Orange

vodkatini cocktail


vodkatini cocktail

Bay Breeze

vodkatini cocktail

Scarlet O Hara

vodkatini cocktail


vodkatini cocktail

Sloe Screw

vodkatini cocktail

Cuba Libre

vodkatini cocktail


vodkatini cocktail

Fuzzy Navel

vodkatini cocktail

Hairy Navel

vodkatini cocktail

Woo Woo

vodkatini cocktail

Harvey Wallbanger

vodkatini cocktail

Tequila Sunrise



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What Is Vodka?

This distilled spirit is made from grain (or, sometimes even today, potatoes). While the origin isn't entirely clear, it likely made its first appearance between Poland and Southwestern Russia sometime between the 14th and 16th centuries.

Most vodka today is made from wheat or rye and is far from the stomach-hole creating liquid associated with the Soviet spirit of the past. Its clear color is a reflection, pardon the pun, of the purity of a great vodka.

Of course, it's possible to make vodka from practically any agricultural product. Grapes, soy and corn have all been used. Sugar beets are a popular choice even today, particularly in the UK, which wants to carve out a chunk of the lucrative and growing vodka market. No doubt, it's easier to grow sugar beets in that cool climate than wheat.

But whatever the source, vodka is typically 40% ABV (alcohol by volume), or 80 proof. That's pretty strong stuff, but not rot gut by any means. Higher concentrations containing 50% (100 proof) are available as specialty items. If well made, they can be potent but not ulcer generating, and they still have that fine, pure taste.

Since the taste of good vodka is so pure, it does indeed make for a great base for many mixed drinks. Bloody Marys, Vodka Martinis and many more cocktails are names known the world over.

Vodka Brands

Grey Goose
Ketel One
Tanqueray Sterling
Three Olives
Van Goth


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