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Gin Cocktails


alexander cocktail


angel's face cocktail

Angel's Face

bed of roses cocktail

Bed of Roses



bloodhound cocktail


blue bird cocktail

Blue Bird

bramble cocktail


cfh cocktail


cfh cocktail

CFH Cocktail

china club cocktail

China Club

chinatown cocktail


french 75 cocktail

French 75

gimlet cocktail


gin and tonic cocktail

Gin and Tonic

dry martini

Gin Fizz

french 75 cocktail

Gin Rickey

lady killer cocktail

Lady Killer

long island ice tea cocktail

Long Island Ice Tea

lady killer cocktail


mule hind leg cocktail

Mule Hind Leg

negroni cocktail



perfect lady cocktail

Perfect Lady

peter pan cocktail

Peter Pan

salty dog cocktail

Singapore Sling

south side cocktail

South Side

spencer cocktail


taj mahal cocktail

Taj Mahal

tom collins cocktail

Tom Collins

valencia cocktail


vermont cocktail


waldorf cocktail



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About Gin

There's no limit to the ingenuity of mankind.

Anyone who could look at a juniper bush and think: "You know, I'll bet the fruit from that tree would make a great addition to an excellent spirit" just has to be some kind of genius. Adding the juice to distilled grains has created a drink popular for centuries: Gin.

The spirit is often combined with other botanicals beyond juniper, such as coriander and cinnamon. The subtle differences between brands are a result of these secret recipes.

Though gin is often associated with England, owing to the popularity of a type known as London Dry Gin, credit goes to the Dutch for its invention, who created a type now called Genever.

During the 17th century it was used chiefly as medicine. That 'excuse' may be a joke in old films, but it was a reality centuries ago. Thankfully, civilization has evolved and we can now enjoy our spirits for the sheer joy of drinking.

One difference today is that the London style, since it uses column stills, rather than the pot stills preferred by the Dutch, tends to have a higher alcohol concentration.

London Dry often reaches 90 proof (45% ABV).

The other difference, and it's a significant one, is that in Holland Genever is aged in oak casks for up to three years, again like whiskey. The result is a more full-bodied flavor.

Interestingly, the most popular brand in the U.S., Seagram's Extra Dry, is a combination of the two styles. It's aged in oak casks for three months, where it becomes a pale straw color and a truly mellow drink.

Bombay Sapphire, for example, may have hints of almonds, liquorice or even lemon. Tanqueray, a newcomer to the scene but winner of many awards since, uses a whole array of fruits to flavor the base liquid.

As the basic ingredient of a gin martini, this fine spirit has only one peer - vodka. But those who love a good martini can readily tell the difference. This combination of gin and white vermouth is bound by no country. It is enjoyed the world over.

Whether preferred straight or in a cocktail, though, there's one thing that remains the same. Ingenuity has created a fine spirit for the enjoyment of all.

Popular Gin Brands


Bombay Sapphire
House Of Lords
Tanqueray No. TEN



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