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Lemon Drop Martini Pomegranate Martini
Raspberry Martini Chocolate Martini
Pear Martini Tiramisu Martini
Carrot Cake Martini Blue Martini
Rum Martini Espresso Martini
Red Apple Martini Watermelon Martini
Cinnamon Apple Pie Martini Washington Apple Martini
Purple Hooter Martini Banana Cream Martini
Candy Apple Martini Death By Chocolate Martin
Caramel Apple Martini Cheesecake Martini
Fruit and Nut Chocolate Martini Chocolate Mint Martini
French Martini Sour Apple Martini
Vacation Martini Vodka Martini
Yellow Bird Martini Fruitini
Key Lime Martini Key Lime Pie Martini
Surfertini Almond Joy Martini
Mint Martini Astropop Martini
Midnight Express Martini Godiva Martini
Peach Martini  


All of these martinis can also be made as shooters.



Although these drinks are meant to be served staight up in a chilled cocktail glass, they can also be made on the rocks.




To make the cocktail straight up:

  • Add ice to a shaker tin.
  • Add liquor
  • Shake or Stir.
  • Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

collins glass Cocktail Glass

To make the cocktail on the rocks:

  • Add ice to a rocks glass.
  • Add ingredients one at a time.
  • Garnish, Sip Stick and Serve.

collins glass Rocks Glass


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